The Black Crown Project

Welcome to reanimated corpse of The Black Crown Project. There will not be the amenities you once knew; no gameplay, no locations to traverse, just a big glorified JSON dump that happened to find a game engine to live in.


I represent tinydark, the studio that owns The Orbium. I developed a game engine initially inspired by StoryNexus. As such, the basest the engine can do is host a game of similar mechanical complexity. It was trivial to import The Black Crown Project, a game I love.

It's regrettable that one must sign up to The Orbium in order to play. Once The Orbium's guest feature is ironed out, this will change. It is not my desire to coerce you into the network.

If you've impossibly stumbled upon this page without knowledge of TBCP, read here.

Vael Victus

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